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SG Consultancy Services - No.1 Study MBBS in Philippines consultants in india.

Medical education in Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation, the best medical school in the World for Medical Students.

SG Consultancy services a premier consulting organization dedicated to providing quality guidance to students who are aspiring to study MBBS and become a doctor. It was established in 2000 by a famous educationist and respected personality, Mr. Satish Babu Garikapati. Since then, SGCS has become India's No.1 medical education consultancy and has successfully presented thousands of doctors.
We are the pioneers and first to introduce MBBS in the Philippines to Indian students. We process the highest number of MBBS official representatives of Davao medical school foundation (DMSF) Philippines in India.

Vision: To create huge number of skilled doctors to fulfill the huge need of doctors in India and the world.

Mission: To motivate students to study with dedication, make their dream of becoming a doctor true and to provide them with affordable and quality MBBS education.

Message From The Chairman Warm Welcome....

“I congratulate you on the choice of becoming a doctor which offers a combination of intellectual and moral interests found in no other profession."
You have chosen a very noble profession and I would like to see you becoming a top doctor in India or any part of the world.
Your motive should be not only to treat the disease but also to treat the patient mentally and psychologically. Your words and way of handling the patient should cure patient's disease from his thoughts. Then it will be easier for you to treat the disease of the patient.
Always remember, humanity comes first. After God, Doctor is the one to save a life. Study well and become saviours in future. My best wishes are always with you for your success.
SG will always be with you for guidance until you graduate and even after graduation.

All the best!!!

Davao Medical School Foundation – Study MBBS in Philippines
MR. Sateesh Babu Garikapati

Chairman, SG Medical Academy

About Davao City
Great city to study and live!!!

LOCATION: Davao city is located in Philippines which is near to Singapore. It is the 3rd biggest city in Philippines.

SAFETY: Davao City is one of the safest city in the world and 2nd safest city in South East Asia.

LANGUAGE: Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. English is their official language. Almost everybody in the country speaks English.

PEOPLE: Very gentle, friendly, down to earth, respectful and helping natured.

CLIMATE: Philippines has tropical climate which means it is similar to Indian climate and the diseases pattern is same as in India.

EDUCATION: Very high standards. Following American curriculum. It becomes easier for the students to practice in India. Total 5 years course including 1 year house surgency/internship.
No need to do internship again in India.

DISTANCE: Direct flights from Hyderabad, Vizag and Chennai with only 7 hours of flying time.

Davao Medical School Foundation – Study MBBS in Philippines Davao Medical School Foundation – Study MBBS in Philippines