Me And my wife both are government employees. We have 3 children. Eldest one is son, 2nd and 3rd are daughters. We sent our son to Davao Medical College, Philippines in 2013 to study MBBS. As we were very much impressed with DMSF, we sent our 2nd child who is our elder daughter to DMSF in 2016. Both of them got excellent education and completed their MBBS successfully. Our son cleared MCI screening in 1st attempt in 2018. Elder daughter is going to appear in MCI screening test and we are confident that she will clear it in 1st attempt. Our 3rd child that is our younger daughter got seat in Kurnool medical college. As per their discussions and experience we would say that DMSF is the best in every aspect.
Ginka Ramaswamy,


My daughter is studying 3rd year MBBS in Davao Medical college. My wife was little hesitant in sending our daughter abroad for studies. SG consultancy gave us very good guidance and we became free from worry when we came to know that SG is taking care of our children there like a family in Bommaryllu Telugu hostels. We ourselves went to Davao when our daughter was in 2nd year and were very happy to see the good quality of hostels under CCTV surveillance, good food and amazing DMSF campus. And also the local people of Davao are very friendly, easily mix with everyone, very gentle and helpful. Our daughter is very happy with the good education and good life she is spending there. We keep talking to her on regular basis and feel happy to see her happy.
Mrs. Geetha,


Iam managing a FMGE coaching centre in Hyderabad. Every year we have hundreds of students who enrol for MCI screening test coaching with us. Students who graduated from different colleges in Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Kyrgyztan, Georgia, Kazakstan, China etc come to get coaching from us. Few students from Davao Medical College also come to us. The reason is that most of the DMSF students clear MCI screening test in first attempt without coaching. During classes also I found that Davao college students are very much knowledgeable as compared to other students. They are very active and whenever we ask any questions then they are the first ones to answer. It is the knowledge they gained from Davao College that makes them top every year in MCI screening test.
Dr. Venkatesh Kondeti(FMGE Coaching Centre)


DMSF is the best place to study MBBS. We have best lecturers who are practicing doctors and after lectures we go to Team Learning Centers for group discussions and doubt clarifications. We have got excellent labs for practicals and every two weeks we have quiz, monthly unit tests, quarterly prelims and semester exams every six months. In this way our one particular syllabus gets revised 6 to 7 times and it gets fixed into our minds. Due to all this system, I became a good doctor in government sector in Andhra Pradesh.
Dr. Kavita
After completing our MBBS course, we were preparing for MCI screening exam. Some of us joined a coaching center along with hundreds of students who completed their MBBS from different countries. During classes we realized that knowledge and practical skills of students from other colleges& countries was nothing when compared with us. That is the reason why most of the other college students fail in MCI screening exam. They struggle to score even 150 out of 300 whereas most of the DMSF students score more that 200 marks easily. Reason for this success is the way we learnt in DMSF.
Dr.Shekar S

Scored 243/300 in MCI Screening test

I am very lucky that I studied in Davao Medical College. I not only gained good command on all subjects along with great clinical skills but also I learnt discipline, good manners, moral values, ethics etc. The environment of DMSF campus made me learn all these values. Because of all these qualities I was able to become a perfect doctor which Iam today. I was able to crack PG seat in India and completed my MS in surgery. Thanks to DMSF and SG for making me a perfect doctor and a good human.
Dr.Nikilesh. MS General Surgery